2022 and beyond

When we launched in November 2020 we had great plans and aspirations.  We were determined to continue despite and indeed because of Covid.  Unfortunately a mix of national restrictions and an understandable hesitancy for people to mix has meant that a number of our crafters needed to find work in other professions with a guaranteed income.  This double whammy forced us to curtail what we had planned to offer.

We are still here and even more steadfast in our plan to bring a whole range of experiences to the Transhipment Warehouse.

We've consistently offered pottery courses, however we will be extending this beyond the Monday morning sessions.  

We've held regular courses aimed at younger people and even hosted a couple of parties.  We'll expand on this.

We're working with a new willow tutor, first classes Feb 2022, with whom we expect great things.

We'll see the return of our sign writing in May and we've still got a Smithy lined up for some metal working.

We've got glass and lino workshops pencilled in, dates TBC.

With the Canal Group we're looking at a Men's Shed (all inclusive) and we generally want to look at anything that can promote good mental health.

We're open to ideas and suggestions as to what kind of courses you'd like to see and any if there are any crafters who want to try something we'd love to hear from you.